B D Burge Byron Burge, Principal and Founder

BEI Strategic Growth Advisors

A proven Business Development Advisor working to make more, larger and more profitable relationships and transactions happen for you faster.

1. Strategic Business Development Planning and Execution

2. Innovating Corporate Platform Improvements

3. Refining and Improving Products/Services Offerings

BEI Strategic Growth Advisors, an independent business development advisor, works with sales leadership individuals and teams to make significant, specifically targeted relationships and transactions happen for our clients.

We leverage years of expertise, an extensive network of business leaders and decision makers, and proven business development planning and processes to assist you in securing strategic and impactful new accounts.

We help your business development leadership and teams, and thus your company, get better results.

We spend time assessing your current results and processes and get to know how your business development teams and processes function. We study your platform and core products/services offerings to see if and where they might be improved.

And then, we get to work. Typical engagements last anywhere from 3 months to 24 months depending on the scope of the engagement and the length of the sales cycles involved. We have extensive experience in the Software Solutions space and work in the middle markets, enterprise markets and State Government markets. Also broad exposure in HealthCare, Financial Services, Retail, and Insurance industries.